Silky Satin Zippered Pillow Protector (2 Pack) - Exceptionally Soft, Skin Friendly, Breathable

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Luxury Silky Satin Pillow Case & Extreme Soft Sleep

Jacquard woven and knitted satin fabric is exceptionally soft, breathable, and comfortable and with its breathable structure, it does not cause humidity and heat. The material in this pillowcase will minimize heat loss thanks to the insulation it provides. It's also durable, with no risk of being ripped even with frequent washing.

Fabric Feature: 300 TC Satin Cotton

Property: Special piping details are used on the edges of the product and visual richness is gained with decorative quilting. While the satin fabric embroidery gives shine, the line transitions on it add a modern air to your home.

Confidence in Textiles - Certificated & 100 by OEKO-TEX

All our products are produced responsibly and made using sustainable methods. Furthermore, all of our innovative, recycled and organic products have international quality tests and certificates.

Elevate Your Beauty Sleep

Prestige Satin pillowcases protect delicate facial hair from scratches, creases and tugs, helping to reduce split ends and ensuring a night of restorative beauty sleep. And it provides a brand new sleep comfort with its extra filling and lightness, with its breathable structure, it does not cause humidity and heat.

Easy Care & 100% Customer Satisfaction - These covers are machine washable and you can tumble dry on low, do not use bleach, easy maintenance, natural drying. If you do not like these premium sateen pillow protectors for any reason, then just let us know.

【100% Customer Satisfaction】DOQU HOME aims to provide satisfying pre-sales and after-sales service. You will not only get superior, innovative, and natural products, but excellent service. We do everything to make you 100% satisfied with your purchase. So Why Wait? Choose Us Now.

Restorative Beauty Sleep


Cotton Satin absorbs sweat, which helps keep you cool. Less drying and friction for skin and hair. Helps to keep your skin hydrated and provides restorative beauty sleep. Sleeping on a smoother surface, like satin, can help if you have acne. The reasoning: Less friction from your pillowcase results in less irritation.


◾ Breathable & Keep You Dry: This pillow protector’s breathable materials keep you dry with moisture-wicking properties that help to reduce the effects of night sweats while also keeping your skin moisturized. 


◾ You will wake up every morning, healthy skin and beautiful hair.


◾ This was made with high thread count tightly woven cotton blend fabrics for added comfort and smoothness.


◾ Less of the Moisture and Dirt

Comfort and Smoothness


300-thread count cotton sateen makes this pillow protector an elegant, soft and protective cover for any gusset pillow. Sateen is a smooth silky-soft feel with a lustrous texture, crafted in a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave with more thread surface exposure. 


◾ Silky satin is ideal for year-round comfort and warmth.


◾ While other materials may tug at your hair follicles and strip your skin of natural, important oils, satin isn't as drying as cotton. Satin is like a godsend for your skin.


◾ Sleeping on a smoother surface, like satin, can help if you have acne.


◾ These exquisite covers will protect and sustain the longevity of your newly bought pillow.

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