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Bedroom with flippable, cooling gel memory foam mattress

Quattro 4x4

Perfect Fit for all Sleeper Types

In order to offer the perfect fit for you, our innovative Quattro 4×4 Flippable mattresses are built with four different inherent firmness levels. One side of the mattress has 2 types of a more plush feel: extra soft and soft. You can flip it over to the other side for a more supportive feel: medium or firmer.

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Bedroom with premium cooling gel memory foam mattress

Cool Max

Ultimate Comfort & Heat Control

Our Cool Max mattress cover is designed to offer for premium comfort. The combination of a cooling mattress cover and our Cool Gel Memory Foam results in an extensive heat regulating property ensuring a comfortable sleep temperature while supporting an ideal sleep posture.

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Bedroom with re-energizing biorhythm mattress cover and cooling gel memory foam layer


Re-Energize While Resting

Our biorhythm mattress cover has been especially developed by aligning specific minerals, renowned for their energy-balancing properties in a certain geometric composition. The biorhythm sleep therapy mattress cover can support the body’s natural energy flows and realigns its inherent cycles, enhancing relaxation and revitalization.

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Explore our innovative Quattro 4x4 and our Le Soleil collection of memory foam mattresses. We're confident you'll discover your dream mattress.

What Our Mattresses Have In Common

All of our mattress provide a healthy and comfortable sleep, while being ecologically and socially responsible.

Cooling gel memory foam layer


Our high-density cooling memory foam for a comfortable sleep.

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All textiles and fabrics comply to the GOTS standards.

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Eco-friendly materials & global recycling standards.

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We are a local business and we will keep it that way. 

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