Hotel & Spa Quality Gym Hand Towel (28x20 Inch) - 100% Luxury Supima Cotton, Breathable, Absorbent, Soft

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Odor Free

Le Soleil towels stay odor-free. Wrap yourself in freshness every day, every time.

Absorbs More, Dries Faster

The production of our classic towel uses a unique zero-twist process, meaning air travels more easily between fibers. This makes our towels more breathable, more absorbent, and extremely plush. You’ll dry off with a fresh, dry towel every time.

Plush & Spa-Like

Designing our towels with zero-twist loops and luxurious Supima cotton makes our towels twice as soft when compared to other towels, and only continues to get softer with use. Supima cotton fibers are extra-long, making for a durable towel that is lightweight and more absorbent. The breathable plushness will give you that hotel spa experience you’ve been dreaming about.

Modern Look, Classic Luxury

Loomed at 550 GSM for the perfect balance in the most breathable, absorbent, and plush towel design. The silky feel beneath your fingertips will be enough to fall in love in an instant.

Washing Instructions

We recommend you wash your Turkish bath towels in cold or medium heat water, on a gentle cycle, with similar colors. Don't use bleach or fabric softener. Fabric softener will actually make your towel less absorbent! To remove excess detergent, add a cup of white vinegar to the wash once a month or so.