Which Mattress is Best for Sleep and Find Right Mattress?

Which Mattress is Best for Sleep and Find Right Mattress?

Posted by SleepSense on 10th Jul 2022

Considering the importance of sleep for human life, mattress selection is very important. That's why, I am gonna explain which mattress is best for sleep in this article. As a result of researches, 1/3 of human life is spent in sleep on bed. That's quite a long time, considering all life and the probability of this period being unhealthy and painful due to the wrong mattress selection is quite high. For a better sleep, you need to discover the healthiest mattress suitable for you and family.

The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

How to Choose Best Mattress for Health?

Many types of mattresses are offered to customers by mattress companies that address different needs. Although the variety of these mattresses can be confusing, each one considers a different need. However, when it comes to health, the importance of the mattress is more important than the shape and style. In other words, it is the health conditions due to personal tastes that will shape the preferences. Because a best mattress deserves the qualification of being good only to the extent that it adapts to the health conditions.

In this direction, if you are complaining about your current mattress and your mattress is causing problems for your health, you should hurry to choose a new best mattress. If you can't have a restful sleep and wake up tired frequently, you should first look for the reason in your current mattress.

When you want to buy the right mattress, you will see many different models of mattresses offered to you. It will be difficult for you to decide among them at first, and you will even come to the point of giving up. However, they are all offered for different needs, based on the best user experience. To briefly talk about these mattresses;

Best Mattress for Side SleepersLatex Mattress

Produced from the trunk of the rubber tree, latex is the most ideal material for mattresses thanks to its special structure. Thanks to the special air pores contained in the latex material, the mattress constantly breathes and thus prevents bad odors, bacteria, fungus and mold etc. prevents their formation. At the same time, since the latex material is completely natural and sustainable, it becomes very convenient in terms of health and ecological balance.

It helps to reduce joint and muscle pain by supporting the spine and waist area. In addition, it ensures that the blood circulation is more comfortable and allows the body to switch to a healthy sleeping position. Latex mattresses, obtained from the meeting of latex with sponge, are indispensable mattresses for an uninterrupted and best sleep.

Latex Mattress for best sleep

Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The characteristic feature of these mattresses, which are made of a special material called gel memory, is that they are soft, so they are preferred by customers who are looking for a mattress that is soft and balances their body weight. In addition, if we look at the history of gel memory foam, it was produced to prevent astronauts from joint and muscle pain during space travels. 

It has been preferred by those who want a comfortable sleep for about 40 years. Thanks to its heat-balancing gel feature, these mattresses adapt to all air conditions and prevent bad odors, fungus or mold etc. formations are prevented. Visco gel memory foam mattresses are also widely preferred as they wrap the body and provide an equal distribution of body weight. Preferred by those who do not want very hard mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses are completely suitable for best sleep and health conditions.

gel memory foam mattress for best sleep

Organic Mattress;

It can be said that organic mattresses are the most suitable for health conditions and especially for those with allergenic diseases. Due to materials such as horse hair, bamboo, aloe vera, hemp, coconut shell fiber and cotton used in these mattresses, completely natural conditions are created in terms of health. 

Thanks to the durability of the natural fibers it contains, it is suitable for long-term use. In addition, due to the properties of natural materials, it has a natural air-conditioning function and the mattress is constantly ventilated. Organic mattresses, which also provide support for the body to find the right position, are both human and eco- friendly due to their content. Therefore, you can prefer organic mattress for best for sleeping.

organic mattress for best sleeping

While shopping for a new mattress, pay close attention to these important deciding factors:

Considering what type of mattress is the best for health, you can follow these recommendations on how to find the healthiest mattress;

  • First of all, the issue to be considered when choosing a mattress; weight and sleeping position is very important. For example, if someone who lies face down prefers a soft mattress, it will cause back pain. Therefore, these people should prefer hard mattress. Therefore, the first criterion for choosing the healthiest mattress is to consider your own personal characteristics.
  • Find out the contents of the mattresses and the materials used by looking at the product descriptions and production certificates. There is a wide variety of mattresses on the market, but most of them use synthetic materials unfortunately or the wrong ingredients to reduce costs and sell at cheap prices. Before prefer to this cheap and unhealthy mattress, think again! For example, standard spring mattresses are very harmful for health. They state that they produce orthopedic mattresses with a pad placed on these mattresses. However, orthopedic mattresses are called mattresses that take the weight of the body, especially the waist and spinal cord, balance it and reduce pain. Therefore, in choosing the best mattress for sleeping, stay away from spring mattresses produced out of package springs.
  • Stay away from mattress that will cause allergies. We can say that a healthy mattress is a mattress that provides continuous air flow (ventilation) thanks to its air pores and therefore has antibacterial properties. Materials such as latex and visco naturally contain air pores. That's why it's important to choose this type of mattress. However, you should know that most companies do not give the necessary importance to the air pores in order to reduce the cost, which can cause allergies.
  • Another feature that should be in a healthy and best mattress is the heat balance of the materials used in the mattress. In other words, the mattress should be cool in a hot environment and warm in a cold environment. Our body radiates a certain temperature to the environment during sleep, if your mattress does not provide a good heat balance, sweating in a hot environment and chilling in a cold environment will occur as a result of this heat. In order not to be sick and to sleep more comfortably and uninterruptedly, make sure that the heat balance of your mattress is well-balanced.
  • Natural materials should be used in a healthy mattress. Most mattress companies use synthetic materials in order to make the product cheap in terms of cost and to keep the selling price competitive. So much so that even in many of the products offered under the name of organic bed, synthetic material is found. As you read the contents and details of the product, you will understand more easily what I mean. However, a healthy mattress should be made of natural materials as much as possible (80% - 100%) and should be sensitive to people and the environment. It is important for your sleep quality to pay attention to this issue when choosing a mattress.
  • A healthy mattress should reduce muscle and joint pain and have a restful sleep. The reason for waking up tired and in pain, especially from sleep, is the wrong bed selection. A healthy mattress should support the body, prevent it from collapsing, and distribute the weight evenly, ensuring the correct position to sleep and relieving blood circulation. Therefore, the most suitable mattresses in terms of health are those with medium hardness.
  • Finally,we can say that it must be durable and can be used long term; Mattresses which are made of high quality materials have a longer life than other cheap mattresses. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, pay attention to the materials used and given the expiration time by the seller for the product.

As a result, 2 important factors that determine the characteristics of the best mattress for healthy sleeping; your weight, height and preferred sleeping position. And the quality of the material used. You can get support from DOQU HOME sleep consultants to find the right mattress for you.